Monday, February 16, 2009

School Trip Part 2 - Cameron Highland

The world of cactus. So many cactus around this shop. We were so excited to look at the plants especially the cactus. Very cute and adorable. We can't resist to touch the cactus eventhough we know that some of them are quite sharp. Hehe..

Hantu kaktus sudah latangg....

Tangan sapa plak enterframe gambo aku yang somel nih.. cesss...

More fantastic view of the plants.. santek betul...

New ideas to put the cactus in a pot. Cute bangat!!!!

With my peminat on the left.. chewah... wakakakkaka..

In the end, I managed to buy 6 small pots of cactus and 1 medium pot of cactus. Somel... Coming right up...
School Trip Part 3 plakkk..

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