Monday, February 16, 2009

School Trip Part 1 - Cameron Highland

After the Sport's Day that ended at 6 pm, we rushed home. I quickly packed my things and prepared myself to get on the bus at 9pm. Weh.. nak pi mana dei? Well... Dato' Kapten Zabidi sponsored the school staffs for a 3 days trip to Cameron Highland, Melaka and also Nilai.. amacam? Ada jeles ka dei? Bak kata Cikgu Mat, the ketua rombongan...

Cikgu Mat : You all rugi kalau tak pi. Bawak RM5 aje beda nak masuk bilik ayak. Hat len suma kita dapat sponsor. Jangan risau...

So, all of us were eager to join the trip. Sapa la tak tingin nak jalan FOC deiiii...

Happy and tiring faces... letih tapi tetap teruja nak berjalan.

We arrived at Cameron Highland around 4 am in the morning. So, we stayed at the nearby mosque for the Subuh prayer and took our bath.. sejuk giler wehh..

At the bee farm. Still cold.. ada orang tak mandi kat dalam gambar ni.. Cuba teka... hehehe

The boxes that contain the bees.. hehe.. tatot..

Shopping area la deiii...

Nak lagi ke story Ipoh oit? Sabaq nooo.. We continue with the School Trip Part 2 after these messages.. wakakakkaa

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