Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tag lagi daaaa

Waaahh.. because of the cute award, I will do this tag first. Another tag will be coming soon.. wakakakakka... hat tu lambat sket sebab takde award. Kuang kuang kuang!
So, in order to get the cute award, I must list out ten things about myself. Well, well, well, these are the not-so-secret things about myself. Hehe

1. I'm so crazy about handbags.
2. I'm a discount shopper! I always look for things that got style and worth my money. Hehehe...
3. I prefer to cook rather than to eat outside.
4. I have a mole on my left cheek.
5. I can easily forgive other person eventhough that person had hurt me so many times. Sangat bodo!
6. I like to do things during the last minutes.. (my ugly side!)
7. I am a laid-back doer.. wakakkakakak
8. I am a family person and I really love my family.
9. I'm eating more rabbit food than human food... ngeeee..
10. I'm currently on diet ok!

So, here's my award for being good and listing all the 10 items about myself... not forgetting, for being cute! Wakakaakkakakakkak

So, now I would like to tag anyone who reads this. Hehe.. Thank you!
Now, I can sleep peacefully. Got to go people! Ngantuk tahap gaban ni! Papai!

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