Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adam's Orientation Day

In front of his new school.

Yesterday, we went to SKJ 3 to register Adam in that school. Unfortunately the PK told us that my address is out of their coverage... wakakakkaka.. he asked us to get a memo from the PPD. Pulak dah.. so, I used my own cabel to do so..

Me : Hello boss.. How are you? Tengah wat apa?
Boss : Fine, tq. I baru masuk opis.
Me : I nak mintak tolong you la.. bla bla bla....
Boss : Okay. You kat mana sekarang?
Me : On my way to your office ler.
Boss : Ok, you datang ke Nashmir. I nak breakfast kat situ.
Me : Ok. Thank you boss.
And off we go.

After getting some information, we headed to SKJ 1, the school that Adam supposed to go and registered him. Then, we asked for transfer. The clerk gave me the form and I quickly fill in the form. Then, I handed it back to the clerk. A few minutes later, the clerk gave the form and asked me to bring it to the PPD.

Me : Hello, boss. You ada kat mana?
Boss : Ada kat opis dah? Siap dah semua?
Me : Yep.
Boss : You tunggu kat depan PPD. I pi sana ok.
Me : Ok. See you there.

And I handed the form to the Boss and he took care of everything. Less than ten minutes and it was all done.

Boss : Okay, you bring this to SKJ3 and you keep one copy. This shirt is for you.
Me : Waahhh.. sudah siap ke. Thank you boss.
Boss : Actually the shirt ni dah lama dah siap. Cuma I tak tau bila nak bagi kat you all.
Me : Wah wah.. besnye.. anyway thanks again!
Boss : Kalau anak you tak pindah, leh la geng ngan anak I. Dia pun Year One jugak.
Me : Susah la. Takde orang nak pick up dia balik sekolah. At least, my friend leh tolong amik dia kalau I takde.
Boss : Betul jugak. Oklah... see you later.
Me : Ok, thanks again ye. Bye..

My new corporate shirt.. chewahh..

And we rushed to SKJ 3. The admin took the letter and gave us a file. Paid RM4 for it. Very well organized. The orientation for this school is the next day.. that is today.

Getting ready to school. Eh.. ni gambo semalam nih.

So, today early in the morning, we went out. Took our breakfast and hubby sent me to my school. I got a meeting in school, then hubby brought Adam and Naufal to SKJ 3 for orientation day. Huhu..

Inside his class. Baru nak mula exam.

He got exam today. He had to colour, read and also write. He didn't even bring his own colour. Tergezut gwe sebab takde orang habaq. Huhu.. Tomorrow is the result, we will know whether Adam will be on English, Maths, Science or Arts class. Huhuhu.. spooky.. kuikuikui..

Relax kejap.

So, tomorrow we will know the result. Huhu..

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