Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Record Book

The colour is purple... which is As' favourite colour. Huhu

Okay people,
This is my Rekod Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Harian a.k.a Record Book. For those who are outside the pendidikan world, I will elaborate a bit about this book. This book is the heart of a teacher's life. Without this book, the teacher can be sued or jobless because this book is the evidence what the teacher did throughout the year. All the lessons that the teacher wants to teach will be put in here a day earlier. It is also as a bookmark to show that the teacher had already taught certain topics/lessons... so takde la terajar topik yang sama. The book is also as a tool to jot down the students' marks/achievements. Everything is in one place lah. Kalau hilang, naya sebab dikira Hak Kerajaan Malaysia.. kuikuikui.. jaga baik dei!

Ok, sikalang let's look inside. Hehehe..

The timetable.. Atas- my personal timetable, bawah is my class timetable.

The yearly scheme of work yang still dalam pembikinan...huhu

Santek kan. Aku upgrade lagi.. kekekek.. mari tiru...

Tengok..tengok.. GB gue sudah sign.. kuikuikui..

Oh ye, this record book should be submitted to the administrator every Thursday for her to check and sign in it. Kalau takde refleksi.. siap la ko.. dapat surat chenta.. kuikuikui

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