Saturday, January 3, 2009

My favourite past time.. hehe

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Today, I went to a shop to buy some groceries. I met my neighbour and we chit chatted for a while. She was so surprised to see the new me... hehehe..almaklum lah, aku ni kan ke dok terperap dalam rumah.. ekkekeke

"Syah...awat nampak berlain?"
"Aik.. sama jaa kak oiii"
"Dak aih.. nampak seghah (kecik). Buat macam mana."
"Ohh.. kami tak makan nasi lah."
"Lama dah kaaaa?!
"Sejak raya posa"

Well people, apart from avoiding the rice, I also do some regular exercise. I tried to join the aerobic classes, but I had no time to go there lah. So, I bought this. It has 4 types of workouts and extra two workouts for warming up and cooling down. So, you gonna have 6 workouts altogether. Each slot is 10 minutes, so you can mix and match for your 30 minutes daily exercise. You can do all the 6 slots, but then you gonna be super tired especially when this is your first time doing it. Hehe (Aku cuba dah.. separuh mati) So, 30 minutes is enough as a start.

I always do the aerobic slot with my kids at night, even Salman enjoys himself so much. Sampai terjatuh2 sebab berlaga dengan abang-abang dia. If you wish to cut down your fat, you can start doing it today.

As a Chinese friend told me..
Orang perempuan kalau malas aaa, dia takkan cantik punya, kita kena rajin haaa..

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