Sunday, January 18, 2009

Congratulations my FIL!

Sehati dan sejiwa.. chewah..

Today is the big day for my father-in-law. He was awarded with Dato' Setia Diraja Kedah which carries the Dato' title in conjunction with Sultan Kedah's birthday that is today. At first, he thought that he's gonna get just a pingat without any title, but then, he received a call from the Palace a few days ago to inform that he's getting the title. He refused to accept it when they called. But then, the person-in-charge told that the Sultan has already perkenan, so he has to accept it. Congrats Baba! Now, his name is officially Dato' Haji Abdul Hamid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Jarumi.

So, let's the pictures speak for themselves.. hehe

Hubby, FIL,MIL, me, Salman holding my bekas mekap, Adam, Naufal and the orange ball.. kekeke

My SIL, the GM of Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah with her pingat that she received a few years back.

After my FIL went out for high tea, we went to Taman Rimba. Adam and Naufal were busy playing at the playground and Salman as usual, busy eating and eating.. huhuhu.. I was looking for bread and biscuits.. the gerai didn't have any.. they just sell unhealthy food. Hampeh!

P/S: I was laughing out loud when my FIL told us that one of the person that in charge during the istiadat told him that he is Dato' antik due to his age. "Dato'2 antik sila duduk sini" Hehehe..

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