Monday, December 22, 2008

A Trip to Medan - Part 2

These are the pictures taken during my shopping spree over there. My hubby waited patiently for me to shop all the ladies things.. Not only my things okay.. but other peoples' things too. My MIL and SIL asked for kebayas and tudung Arini.. hehe.. My hubby's office mates asked for batiks and also tudung Arini. Here in Medan, you could see many types of tudung that could make your eyes juling tahap gaban. Macam-macam pesen ada.. The price is quite cheaper than in our country. For an Arini tudung with the latest fashion is only between RM 18-25 whereby in Kedah the price is around RM 50-69.90. Sabo je lar.. For a pair of kebaya (including the baju, kain and also selendang) it costs only RM 50-60 depends on the quality of the cloth whereby in our country it will be around RM 100-150 or even more depends on the quality too.
So, I borong 2 sets of kebaya for myself, a number of tudungs and also so many blouses and a pair of batik skirt with beads.. wakakakkaka.. tak tau la nak pakai masa mana. I even borong the Pashmina shawl that have the LV logos printed on it. You will be surprised to know the price eh. Only around RM15 kot.. compared to Penang or at the airport.. it costs more. Kat Penang aritu dalam RM25.. kira murah la.. kat Kedah.. RM 40 perrgghhhh.. tu corak biasa tu.. takde pon corak LV ok!

Peace bebeh.. pilih jangan tak pilih.. wakakakak

Tak tau nak pilih hat mana dah.. hehe

Pisan kat kedai ni dei.. waakkaka.. mahal bangat..

Pilih blouse plak. Sampai naik penin salesgirl ni layan sama ibu cute ini.. ekekekke

Cantek ke nih? Hehe..

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