Monday, December 22, 2008

A Trip to Medan - Part 1

My hubby got to go to Medan again for his work purposes. He asked me whether I wanted to accompany him or not. I was quite happy (happy giler actually) to go there.. Wakakakaka.. So, I booked the air ticket and prepared all the things.. (tak prepare banyak pon.. only some RM and also 2 shirts and a pair of jeans.. underwears too hahaha).
We decided not to bring the kanak-kanak riang along because the place is not so good for the children. The air is not so clean over there.. macam polluted aje. So, we left the kids with Mak Tok and Salman with his nanny. Our flight schedule was at 10.15 a.m but we needed to be there 2 hours earlier for check in. So, we started our journey to Penang at 5.00 am just to avoid the traffic jam on the bridge. Hehehe.. We arrived in Penang at 7.00 am and had our breakfast there. After we checked in, we waited until they called us and off to Medan.
The journey only took 45 minutes from Penang. Since the plane was quite small... so we had a bumpy ride whenever we went into thick clouds.. ehhehe. I was quite scared went it came to bumpy ride.. I kept on squeezing hubby's hand... hehehe..

The small plane that brought us to Medan safe and sound.

Weeee... we are on the air.. atas awan lagi..

Sudah sampei Pak... Letih bangat..

In front of the hotel. This is the most suitable hotel for a low budget people like me. Nak pi jalan gak tapi bajet harus diambil kira yaaa...

After we checked in the hotel, we rested for a while and my hubby called the becak(beca/trishaw) driver. He promised to fetch us in 30 minutes time... tapi adoo... his becak had a punctured tyre and we had to wait for extra 15 minutes. Tak pe lah. Then apa lagi.. my main agenda is to shop till I drop! Wakakakaka..

"Are you ready to shop bebeh?"
"Of coz sayang!"
"Amboi.. tak letih dah kaa.. tak teriak ingat Salman dah kaa.. sampai sini terus nak shopping"

Di atas becak.. gumbira bangat nk p perabih luit.. wakakkaka

Intai and intai the kebaya.. hahaha

So.. end of Part 1.. Part 2 is all about shopping.. hehehe

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