Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No mood

I had no mood to blog. Dunno what to write... dunno what to say. The exam went on as usual...the questions were like before, only crazier. This is my first time answering the paper until the invigilator said..
"Masa dah tamat cik..Itu pun, kami bagi extra 5 minutes"
And I turned around . Only me and Kak Nor were left in the hall. I told Kak Nor..
"Kita dapat A kot dah kita ja paling lambat keluar dewan.."
and Kak Nor replied..
"Hahaha.. but Syah, kalau kita tak dapat A, aku tetap tak ingin nak repeat paper ni. Susah nak mampos!"
Hehe.. Two downs.. One more to go.

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