Monday, December 15, 2008


I had just finished my last paper for this semester. I nearly cracked my head because
1. I didn't have enough sleep.
2. I couldn't have the chance to digest everything that I have read!

Whom did I meet at the exam hall?
1. My colleague - Mr Nawar
2. My ex-course participants.. aku jumpa Bajuri weh and many more.. huhu
3. Of course la my coursemate.. apa daaa.. kuikuikui..

What about the question eh?
Owhhh.. I just goreng dengan penuh perasaan hoping that at least I could get some markah kesian from the pemeriksa.. hehe..

Anyway, alhamdullilah because my burden had gone with the wind. Hehehe.. The next thing I have to do now is...
1. Continue to do the laundry (tak abis2 nih)
2. Start packing for my second honeymoon... yeay!!!! I'm off to somewhere yang bes with my hubby this coming Friday.. hehehe.. bes bes! Wajib aku lupa daratan saintis noooo!

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