Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jalan-jalan ke Bukit Wang

Yesterday, Kakak's hubby went to Kampung Bukit. So, my hubby decided to bring Kakak and her children to the nearest waterfall. The place is in Bukit Wang. 10km from my house. The kids were so thrilled to go there. Adam and Naufal had been there before... I think a year ago when Uda and her family came to Kedah. Hehehe.. We packed all our things and started our expedition... chewah! Since we did not plan to come here, so, we just brought the keropoks and roti eventhough Kakak said that it would be better to cook and have our lunch there. Oooo.. takut tak dan and penuh plak orang. So, we brought anything that my fridge could offer.. wakakakkaakka...

We reached here around 11.00 a.m.

Posing maut ala diva gitu.. wakakakkaka..

Our first spot. After a few minutes later, my hubby found another spot, and we rushed to that place.. leh wat scuba diving lagi.. kuikuikui..

This is the second spot. Boleh wat terjun tiruk okay.. siap ada platform... my son was so excited to watch Epah doing some terjun tiruk from the platform. Kids.. plez don't try this at home ok!

Belajar berenang. The water is so clear... crystal clear and you can easily see the small pebbles inside the water.. coooollll!

Amik gambo kaki plak.. which one is my foot? Haha

The water is quite deep.. boleh tahan le..tapi sejuk giler.. siap gigil2 lagi.. kuikuikuikui..

Ni lagi satu tempat yang agak dalam... leh wat terjun tiruk jugak. Tapi tak sesuai untuk my children sebab berbatu batan.. huhu...

Okay.. nak balik dah.. penat giler ni... tak menahann.. kira nak titon aje nih..

Getting ready to go home. Papai Bukit Wang.. See you again.

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