Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Say cheese!

Back : Kechat, Angah, Arrpek
Front : Uda, Alang, myself, air kotak Laici Yeos (still my favourite till now) and anak patung kesayangan

During my early childhood, my sister Alang used to love photography. She had this camera that I think was quite expensive at that time. Ala-ala DSLR cuma tak berdigital aje. She would take millions of pictures just to curb her hunger of photography. And now, her daughter inherit her giler bergambo craziness.. hehehe.. Soguy is also one of the giler kamera person that I had ever encounter..wakakakaka... same goes to my BIL.. baru je beli DSLR.. asik amik gambo aje.. seb bek boleh wat duit. Last time my sister tak wat duit pong.. perabih duit lagi ada.. kuikuikui
Yang takde dalam gambar... Along and Adik.

Anyway, you can easily see that I'm the darkest in my family..huhu..

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