Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exam blues..

In two days time, I am going to face my final exam. I was drop dead gorgeous nervous when it comes to exams. I dunno why, I felt that this time I did not prepare myself. Huhu. So many things came at the same time. So little time left. I'm not so good in managing time lah. Kuikuikui.. Anyway, to stay away from the stress.. I got out at 10 in the morning. I sent the kids to the nursery. Then, I went to the bank to withdraw some money. I paid all the credit cards and wandered around Jitra. Still, I brought my short notes. I parked my car by the roadside and tried to memorize everything that I had read. Then, I saw Kylie -the hair saloon. I went in and got a new haircut. Arghh.. lega... the lady massaged my head and also served me with a wafer and a cup of drink. Zass zass zass.. finished.

I snapped a picture of myself during the zass..zass session.. hehe

How do I look eh? Somel kan.. wakakkakaka. My hubby will be surprised when he comes back tomorrow.

Then, I went to the kedai yang menjual barangan cap ayam in Jitra... kekeke.. here they called it economy shop because the prices are quite cheap. They have all sorts of things.. mak bapak aje depa tak joi. Then, I bought a bag.. sapa mau leh amik naaa.. ekekeke..

Late in the evening, I went into the LMS to look for the assignment result. I was so thankful that I scored As for both papers. Only one more paper yang tak di upload marknye. Huhu.. Rasa tersangat lega. I quickly sms-ed my tutor and thanked him for the marks. This is what he replied..

"If u hv workd 4 it, u get it lah"

Apa pun, thanks a lot Mr Basil. Luv ya.. ahaks..

Can't wait for hubby to get home tomorrow. Huhu.. windunyaaaaa

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