Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Step - Reading

I had started doing my First Step program. The moment they got the book, they were so excited. Some of them just flipped through and some of them just read without understanding the meaning. The most important thing, they really enjoyed themselves to touch and to feel the book. The colourful and also the uniqueness of the book had attract the pupils to read it. So, people.. judging the cover of the book sometimes counts! Hehe
After a few testing here and there, I found that most of pupils are in the Experimental phase, 5-6 pupils are in the Role-Play phase and only 1 of them is in the Early phase. The girl could really read well and understand the story.

Keep on reading, kids!

Farhan and Amirah really enjoyed themselves.

Amirah : Bestnye buku ni teacher..
Me : You like it?
Amirah : Yes.
Me : Can you read for me?
Amirah :Yes. Tapi ada perkataan saya tak reti nak sebut la
Me : Never mind. Just try and read ok :). Nanti teacher help you.
Amirah : Ok :)
Farhan : Lepas ni saya ka teacher.
Me : Ok, I go to you after this.

After the one-hour lesson, I collected the book. And of course since they were over excited with the books, some of the books quite rosak. So, what to do ek.. plan B.. to wrap the book. Huhu.. Manyaknye keje den.

Well guys.. it's an advantage to be a library teacher. This is where you can get help from the librarian. Hehe.. Don't worry kids, teacher got some tokens for you people :)
Anyway, thanks for helping me ya. FYI, these librarians helped me to wrap all the 800 books for the First Step program. We took two days to complete the task.

Librarian A : Teacher.. plastik nak habis..
Me : Aiseyman.. tergendala la kerja kita. Takpe.. you just wrap yang mana leh wrap, ok.
Librarian A : Ok, teacher.
Me : Kesian you all. Nanti teacher bagi hadiah ye.
Librarians : Hehe.. besnya.. bagi duit raya ka teacher.
Me : No-lah.. rahsia la.. Cannot tell u. Jom balut..

Then the balut-balut session ended because there's no more plastic wrapper. Kena order polak. Mampoih la GB hingaq.. baru ni order dah 2 roll. Ni kena order lagi.. Takpe.. library luit manyak.. kuikui

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