Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Primary Literature by British Council

Last week, I browsed through the PPDKP Portal to see what's new. I saw that my district's going to have a literature course conducted by the British Council. I SMS-ed the officer in charge about the course and she told me that I was a bit late.. Owh.. sangat sedih. Then, I SMS-ed my Senior Assistant 1 about the course. The next day, he came to see me...

Cikgu Nasir : You tanya pasal kursus literature tu ke?
Me : Yep, sapa yang kena pi? Kalau takde orang, can I go?
Cikgu Nasir : Hmm.. oklah, you pi.

Aik.. senangnye..Then, in the afternoon, I got the letter. Aik.. ni untuk Year 5 teachers.. huhu.. Rupanya cikgu Year 5 pon, cikgu Year 6 jugak. Maybe tanak kacau la, exam dah dekat kot (assumption aku je nih..hehe)

So, on the 12th, I went to PKG Langgar (again!). I met some old friends from my former district. Syoknye chit-chat.. hehe.. The course started and our facis are Ms Jane De Cruz - Berger from the British Council and Ms Arween (aku tatau nak spell nama dia) from Time Engineering. They told us that this course is fully sponsored by Time Engineering. Dasatt!!

These are some souvenirs that we got during the course. My team managed to win all the competition held by them and we got some of these. Besnyer..

Ms Jane De Cruz and her partner Arween are giving the tasks.

Some of my group member. Hehe..

Our Animal Haiku.. Syok giler buat ni. This activity can be done in my class definitely!

Can you see how cute our kangaroo is! Tengok le saper artisnye.. Wakakakakakka

The Multiple Intelligences (now we know what to put in our lesson plan eh)

Getting ready to present

More souvenirs-- actually this is a resource box that we can use in class. There are a lot of things such as the dices, finger puppets, flashcards and many more. Thanks guys!

Anyway, we really had a good time during the course. Memang syok giler. And I would like to say a zillion thanks to the British Council for conducting this type of course (plz call me again to join any courses under you!) and also to TIME Engineering for sponsoring the course. (Lain kali sponsor la lagi.. wakakkakakaka)

Till then, papai!

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