Monday, August 4, 2008

Library is still under maintenance

The new books that we received earlier on.

Since Nurul got back from her confinement period, she is eager to do everything. Maklumlah, dua bulan terperap kat tahap kebosanan melonjak tinggi lah. Here, she's back and she's as usual.. as crazy as I am.. changing everything in our beloved library again... First, we changed all the arrangements of the tables, we splitted the long Japanese table (sendiri bikin ok...). Then, we changed all the plastic covers to the new one. Sebab yang lama banyak dah koyak-koyak and also lusuh. Pehtu, we asked the librarians to stamp all the new books that we received a couple of months ago. Baru tingat ada piles of new books... huhu.. And now, the best part, we redecorate our room.. our hibernating place la kata... huhu.. (u may see it in my previous entry) Wahh.. what a tiring week ahead..

The big book table

Latest news.. I have to attend an 18-day course for Year 1 - English Language teachers.. waaa.. lamanye.. tapi tak buat secara berterusan.. every week, they will take only 3 days off for me to go to the course.. The course will be in IPDA and also IPSAH in SP.. SP again?? Huhu.. Jauh giler.. The course will start on the 5th of August and ends at the end of November.. Gilerr beb.. tapi macam best je kan.. Redah ajer..

We are planning to put the Sudut Kemerdekaan here. All the materials already siap, tunggu untuk dipasang aje.

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