Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Strand Ended

So, the first strand in the First Step Programme is already ended. Wah.. habis pukul 4.30 jugak.. aku hengat leh abis awal.. dok bercadang la nak bergumbira kat Alor Star.. so since they ended the session just like the office hour, so I just went back home. Mencik tol... Apa pon, next week I have to start the programme by selecting only ONE pupil as my subject and this particular kid will be my guinea pig lar.. kuikuikui.

Gosh, the modules..
Macam nak amik peksa daa...

Geng meja sebelah

My group members... penuh perasaan completing the task.
From left : Sis Noor, Hazlin Mos, Fairul and Sis Sham

The lecturers from IPDA, YM Tengku Fauziah and also Sir Ramli a.k.a SirRam(Seram) hehe

Wel.. who's gonna be my guinea pig next week? Stay tuned for more cerita ceriti on the First Step 2nd Edition Program!

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