Friday, August 8, 2008

Congrats Roshadah

Early in the morning, I go to Bukhary for my tuition class. Then, my hubby said that their former warden is going to have her kenduri here. So, we wait for the kenduri at 11 o'clock. The food are superb and rasa macam nak tambah for the second time, tapi kena sabo... sat g jadi belon polak. Hehehe.. So, congrats to Roshadah for her wedding today... Well, in Kedah is a bit different from my hometown. This is because they will do the akad nikah first then after a couple of months they will make the real kenduri (calling relatives and friend for the kenduri laaa). In my place, the akad nikah will be done together with the kenduri. Lain padang lain belalang eh! Anyway congrats to both of you. Thank you for the invitation and also the delicious food and the cute souvenirs. May Allah bless both of you and live happily ever after.

Roshadah and her partner.

Salman and I are having our meal.

Posing with the bride...

Naufal is totally tired and sleeps at our new pelantar... Angin sepoi-sepoi language membuatkan Naufal Sameer terlena dibuai mimpi. Hehehehe

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