Friday, August 22, 2008

A Blissful Nite

After quite some time, I didn't have the opportunity to recite Yassin in a large group (in the surau or mosque). Normally I just read at home with my hubby. Last night the DRB-Hicom held a majlis kesyukuran to welcome the Ramadhan. My hubby asked me to accompany him, so I agree. The majlis was held at the Showroom at Souq Bukhary. We arrived there quite late since we decided to perform our Maghrib at my mom-in-law's house which is just nearby (I also asked my MIL to take care of the kids..hehe). At 8 we reached Souq Bukhary and we could find the park easily, Alhamdullilah.
When we reached there, the place was full of people. Wah.. ramainya.. tak sangka ramai. I quickly walked and tried to find familiar faces.. hah.. ada pon.. I saw a few of my hubby's colleagues and sat with them. Then, we heard an announcement..
"Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, selepas kita membaca surah Yassin, kita akan menunaikan solat Isya' bersama-sama dan selepas itu Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan dijemput untuk majlis jamuan."

Eh, ada makan...wah, rezeki nih.. kuikui..suddenly my perut polak munyik.. cess.. Then, we recite Yassin and performed the Isya' prayer. After reciting the doa,Sis Ros, Sis Sheera and I quickly packed our things and started to shake hands to other jemaahs. Then, we rushed to the elevator...hehe..makan time...lapolah.. We reached the 3rd floor and we thought we were the first.. ces.. ada orang len yang berjaya tiba dulu.. kuiuikui.. We found a very nice spot (ada kipas daaa) and sat down. The meal was super duper delicious and we were tempting to look at the food. After bacaan doa, makan la... tunggu apo lagi..

After makan-makan, we went home... eh.. ada dapat souvenirs lagi.. huhu.. We got t'shirt, kain pelikat, key-chains and also caps.. wahh.. manyak luit la DRB Hicom ni.. Anyway thanks for everything.. semoga perniagaan kamu selalu maju yaa.. Together during the majlis, the children from the Bukhary Orphanage Center were also there... wah.. rezeki murah la bila bersedekah pada anak yatim nih.

Anyway, people.. I didn't put any pictures here since I tot it is not nice to bring the camera there.. hehe.. orang nak baca Yassin, kita sebok klik2 polak.. Kuikui.. Anyway, last nite was a blissful nite indeed.. Alhamdullilah.. Hopefully this year I could perform the Tarawih at the mosque..(lama tak terawih kat masjid sejak ada kanak2 riang ni daa...)

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