Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things for my new pelantar.. hehe

Today is holiday (for my school only due to Hari Anugerah Cemerlang yesterday). I decided to go out and buy the things for my pelantar.. hehe. The demolition man was supposed to come to my house yesterday to continue his unfinished business, tapi he was not around. Keje tempat len la kot. So, we gonna wait for him today or tomorrow or the day after... woit..woittt.. aku tolak gaji kamu baru tau! Apa da... tengah semangat kesukanan nih.. Sat g aku bikin sendiri.. terus korang tokleh carik makan.. wakakakakakaka...

Three bags of this thing is enough for my new pelantar.. Each bag cost RM 15.00 Naik rege dah.. mencik tul..

The tile that my hubby and I chose together-geder.. RM 1.90 per piece. We just need 100 pieces.

Susun kat luar rumah aje..Hopefully takde orang curikkk..Hehe..

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