Friday, July 18, 2008

Merdeka sudah

My first paper - Entreprenuership
Today I had finished my last paper. Yeehaaa...gumbira tak terkata. Alhamdullilah, I managed to answer all the questions in time (tapi tatau la plak kot2 jawapanku salah belaka.. huhu). Since my pointer were going down for two semesters, I was a bit stressed out this semester. Mana taknya.. bz bangat, dengan school work, went out for a course for nearly a month. Huhu, then balik course, ada plak program motivasi kat Bukhary Foundation. For OUMers, the May semester is the shortest semester because we only have 3 tutorials and then terus aje exam. Hoh.. giler babas.. amik modul end of May and final is in July. Mana nak anto antar assignment, mana nak study the modules. God, I really hope that I could get better grades this time. Wish that I could get the Senarai Dekan for the 3rd time. Huhu.. Bes woo.. dapat sijil.. jadi lah kan..Kan ke bes kalo tiap2 sem dapat anugerah itew. To get the Dean List, I must get at least 3.69 kot. That's mean kena dapat 4 flat atau at least A- to qualify for that. Dah dua sem dok dapat B nih.. sedey aku.. penat belajo pecah peluh... peluh tiak, namun apa kan daya, sudah suratan. I really-really hope I could get 4 flat this time around. Pray for me guys.. huhu

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