Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dinner hosted by PIBG

Salman tak sabar nak makan... hehe.. cute je masa nih.

Today the PIBG in my school hosted a dinner for all the staffs and teachers in my school. The food was nice and all the places were nearly full. Cuma beberapa kerat aje yang tak dapat hadir, including our musician. Hehe.. I was scheduled to sing two songs, but then the teacher who supposed to play the keyboard was absent, so I decided to cancel my singing slot. But then, before I went home, they called out my name to sing at least a song. Tak sempat aku nak pi, lagipun the kids were already sleepy. So.. sorry guys for not singing tonite.. Next time je lar.. hehehe.. aku taw sora aku memang besh.. kuikuikui

Here Salman started to like the camera.. after a year... hehe.. he never likes the camera flashes. hehehe..

Tima kaseeeyyy.. ni la Alleycats tiruan yang buat show tadi.. hehehe

Bebudak praktikum begitu teruja nengok Alleycats nyanyi ngan penuh perasaan..

Memang betik betul korang... sora mamat ni sejibik sora Alleycatss.. tima kasseeyyy.. Uda musti suker ngan ini mamat.. wakakakakkaaka

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