Friday, May 16, 2008

The presentation time

Since we need to train all the remedial class teachers, so we need to do all the task given in the module first. So, here are some of the pictures of the presentation that had been made by my friends and I.

We were doing the set induction.

I was presenting our group work.

Presentation from group 8. Consist of Mr Ghazali a.k.a Eric Leong, Zulkarnain a.k.a Tengkujuh, Halimaton - Ti'mau, Shah Banu, Leong and also Pwincess Adi

Presentation from Zul and Sab's group.

Congratulation to all trainers for being such creative and made our stress relieved. Hehe.. All the trainers especially Rosni, Chung, Tengkujuh and many more always crack jokes and we were all laughing sampai nak guling2 atas2 lantai. Hampeh tol.. Apapon, korang memang klaka giler.

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