Friday, May 16, 2008

Posing around Penang... dalam takde masa tu...

Eventhough the time is limited, we still squeezed ourselves to fit in shopping schedule. Most of the time was window shopping. Hehe.. However, there were still a few things that I bought for my sisters. Hehe.. Korang tunggu la aku balik yer..

This restaurant had a beautiful lampu gantung.. some sort of hanging lamp lar. Very unique.. my friend said, it must be from India.. very d santekkkk...

The Feringhi Walk, still zero seller. At night, starting at 7pm till 11pm, the sellers will sell all sorts of goods such as HANDBAGS, watches, home decor and many more... most of them were from China... very nice, unique and also mengguda jiwa laa..

We were at the hotel lobby. Behind us is the cup of life, chewah...Posing sakan masing2..kuikui

At the swimming pool. After we took our breakfast, we managed to have our photography session together..

At the hotel compound. Santek bangat tempat nih.. Huhu

Kat tangga pon leh posing maut gitu. Ahaks..

With Sabrina at the lobby.

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