Monday, April 28, 2008

Salman had a terrible accident. Pity my cutie pepy...

This evening, when I was busy cooking in the kitchen, my baby Salman met with an accident with the stairs. Huhu. His upper lip had a minor cut and was bleeding like running river. I was so scared to death to see the blood all over his shirt and mine too. And the floor was covered with blood as if there's a CSI Scene over there. I quickly brought him to the sink and wash his face and mouth... Adam was helping me by giving me some ice to put on Salman's upper lip. It took us a few minutes to stop the bleeding and I was shaking like hell to see the blood... Jenuh la kalo aku pisan.. Huhu. Luckily I didn't faint. So, Arrpek.. now u know why I failed to call u today la.. Dok urus si kenit nih. cian pepy aku nih..

Bibir Salman dah tebal macam Angelina Jolie. Cian dia.. Look at the blood's stain. Papa tengah nak bawa dia p mandi.

Ciannye my pepy.. muahss muahss..

Baju Elmo Mak Uda bagi, penuh ngan blood, tapi yang ni dah rinse.. takut kalo dah kering tokleh ilang plak.. Santek baju ni, sayang kalo dah tanda..

Percikan blood... sadis tol time nih.. ketaq aku dibuatnya.

Habis sumer...

My boobs shirt covered ngan blood. Tragis nih.. cian pepy.

Rite now, Salman is sleeping. Nasib baik tak meragam banyak sangat, cuma dia masih lagi syok main kat tangga. Sabo je larr..

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