Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reliv @ Suriwaja

Last Sunday, we had an opportunity to promote Reliv during the Suriwaja Annual Meeting in Dewan Koperasi Guru Kedah. The place was quite hot since there's no aircond. The President of Suriwaja invited us there and we sponsored the Innergize for all the members to taste the drink and feel the difference. And we did it. Hehe. On that particular day, not only us got the chance to promote our product, but also the Uptrend and Othello companies. The best thing is, both of them didn't get good responses compared to ours because as soon as we finished our presentation, all the Suriwaja members came to us to know about the products and of course, we had lists of their contact numbers.. So.. I need to do extra work after this lah.. huhu.

One of the makcik said,
"Eh, tak sat mata makcik nak pejam dah... bila minum aiyak ni.. tu dia...mata makcik jadi celik macam orang tekan suis lampu tuuu.."
(I was sleepy just now, after I took this drink, my eyes were like being switched on like switching on lights)

Others commented that the drinks taste nice and good too. They really feel the difference after taking it. And of course to my surprise, one of the members wanted us to come to her house in a couple of weeks time to make a home party and explain more about the products. Wah, wah.. insyaAllah Ndak Aishah, we'll go to your place next week. Don't worry ok and plez call your friends to come along too.

Just setting up the kiosk at the back of the hall.

Busy doing some materials for presentation... we created our own slide and focussed more on the products.

Sis Sue is doing the first presentation, while I'm clicking the slide..

It's my turn to share my story to the people.

Faizah's turn.. Ketaq lutut dia nak cakap kat depan. Hehehe..

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