Thursday, April 10, 2008

Naufal Sameer New Haircut...

He really had problems when it comes to cutting his own hair. We did everything including tying his hand and wrap his body just to make sure he will not move when we cut his hair. He also had problems to go inside the barber shop. Then, one day he said that he wanted a haircut like Mawi.. so voila... berjaya jugak bawak dia ke barber shop for his haircut. This is the first time he's having his haircut without crying.. hehe..Apsal la dia suka Mawi.. aku mencik Mawi.. kuikui

Ni gambo dekat dia masa rambut panjang.. Dah jadi macam pompuan plak..

Ni gambo dia lagi..

This is his latest picture..


Ikram said...

lorr apsal gunting rambut,cute apa rambut panjang huhu

mama cute said...

poooooOOOOooollaaakkkkk.... aku takut kutu dok atas pala dia.. kekekeke

God Bless Us!

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