Thursday, April 10, 2008

My class lagi... nak kasi korang dengki. Hehe

So friends, these are the latest pictures about my class. I dunno when I'm going to update the decoration for my class, bcoz I'm so bz with my exams just round the corner and also with my business as well. To Anis.. tu hah gambo belah depan plak.. hehe.. that day u're asking for the front view of my class kan.. haaaa.... hambikkk.. kuikuikui

Kanak2 riang ni hepi bangat bila aku snap gambo depa

The noticeboard yang kadang2 sengal.. sebab pakai thumbtack pon the materials still jatuh.. mencik aku..

Ni view from the back door. Itu kartun adalah ihsan from my sister. She bought it from me and it's really cheap and also cute.. macam tuan kelas nih.. kuikui

On top of the reading table corner.. I put the pictures of the insects..(I cut out the pictures from the unused charts-orang nak buang dah dalam tong sampah, haku pungut...ekekke)

Overall view from the back of the class.. on the left side, u could see the frames... gambo la.. I don't know how to put on the walls, so I just put a small bucket behind and put the smaller frame in front whereas the bigger frame on top of the bucket. Terer aku nih.. kuikui

Ni la gambo tu.. aku letakkan bucket je kat belakang..

Side view - this is the place where the teachers could put the pupils books. Manila kad biru tu aku nak buat apa pon tak tau lagi.. Idea tak mai lagi lerr..
P/S : Ada nampak ka itu red bucket..kekekkee

Ini plak the previous year punye menda. Since I laminated it, you can see that the teapots are still in good condition. Meh tiru teapot aku... lekassss.. ala vantage lagi u alls.. ahaks

Aku boh siap2 so that the pupils could memorize the spelling. Sometimes bila aku tanya.. What date is today? They'll happily answer.. Today is Sunday.. huhu.. aku tanya date la deiii..

Yang ni baru betik... date.. hehe. Tengok icon kat t-shirt tu.. gambo orang tengah date.. sesuwei kann.. kuikuikui

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