Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kelas aku lagi.. ehhe

This is the latest picture of my class. I already put the table cloth on their table. I bought it in a hardware and plasticware shop in Jitra. The price is only RM 3 per metre. I managed to buy 12 metres for the whole class. And still got extra 1 1/2 metres, so I put it on the teacher's table. Somel dah kelas aku. Hehe.. meh meh tiru...

Adik Nazrul was one of my helper of that day. He helped me to put on the alas meja on all desks.

Amiesya and Nazrul were sweeping the floor. Thanks my cute children... Lepas ni teacher belanja air bandung satuuuuuu... hehehe

The pictures are not in good quality because I snap the pictures using my camera phone yang takde megapixel.. hehe..

P/S : Some teachers asked me whether I collect the money from the pupils.. I said "NO, sendiri beli la deiiii"

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