Sunday, April 6, 2008

Exam Fever!

-my first paper of today..huhu-

Today is my first day of final exam. I read the book 3 days ago...which is of coz LATE already, tapi ku gagahi jua untuk menghabiskan all the 10 topics. And today is the day... the questions are not so tough but then since I read the module last minute, so there are certain info that I could hardly remember and at last what I did was, I hentam kromo aje.. the goreng-goreng agenda is in da haus.. hehe.. Apapon mmg le aku nyesal kerana tidak belajar awal, tapi as usual, sesalan di saat akhir tidak bermakna.. dan aku yakin perkara ini tetap akan berulang-ulang pada setiap semester.. kekekkee.

Some of the last minute notes

Baca jangan tak baca.. tulis jangan tak tulis..hehe..

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