Monday, March 31, 2008

Nite out in Alor Star

My nephew came to Alor Star last Thursday. He came for his work purposes. He has a very good camera (I really mean it) which cost him RM3k for that camera alone.. wah wah.. My camera is only RM 499.. (itu pun beli masa sale...wakakakaka) And of coz the product of both cameras are like jauh panggang dari api. Teramat la bezanyer.. hehe... U can see the difference when u look at these pictures... dasat2.. And that very nite, both of tried to capture the most beautiful angle of the Alor Star Tower and also Masjid Zahir. Enjoy the pictures u guys...

This is a picture taken by my camera.

This is taken by my nephew's camera. Dasat ek..

With baby Salman near the replica of the Alor Star Tower

Family united. Hehe..


sahalfikri said...

gambar kat istana lama tarak masuk ka?

mama cute said...

sudah masuk... entry atas skali la weh..

God Bless Us!

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