Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jury of the Day

I got a call from someone and they asked me to be one of the judges for the Story Telling Contest at Souq Albukhary. I agreed and asked a friend to come along since they wanted another person to be the judge too. So, here we are the three of us.. Putri, Laila and myself. While we were busy giving marks to the contestants.. my kids were like having a wild party there... bising btoll.. bikin malu aje.. kekekke..

Serius giler bagi markah ni.. kontrol.. kontrol..

Ni la dia penjaga kanak2 riang hari tu, Pak Andak Mu'ti, my hubby's twin brother.

My hubby with unhappy Salman... hehe. Ni baru betul laki aku..

Dapat hadiah, yeye.. dapat hadiah, yeye...Putri, Laila--Mu'ti's wife, myself and tukang bagi hadiah.. (sorry, I didn't get yr name.. huhu)

This is the winner of the Story Telling Competition. He's good, man!

By the way, a zillion thanks to Souq Bukhary for calling us to be the judges. Thanks for the wonderful gift too. Muahss..

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