Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What An Exhausting Day...

Today, the Level 1 teachers had to go to the field to train the pupils for the Kejohanan Olahraga that will be held next week. The Level 1 pupils will take only 4x50m event. We thought that the training session will only takes around 2 hours... suprisingly it went on beyond the time limit... huhu.. Then, my friend came to my school to give the blouse and the baju kurung that I tempah from her... After recess, everybody got back to their business--teaching and learning activities.. and I too quickly tried to finish up my work. Unfortunately I had forgotten about my class that I should be entering at 12.45pm. Luckily at 12.50pm I walked along the corridor and my pupils called me...

"Teacher.. it's your time laaa"
"Eh, is it??" asked myself confused.
"Yes, teacher... sekarang masa Memorizing Vocabulary"
"Oh, dear... seb bek u guys habaq, let's go.."

Terus la terbantut operasi nak p toilet.
Then, school ended.. still cannot go home since we had to attend the Mesyuarat Guru Kali Kedua. Just imagine, the meeting started at 1.55 and ended at 4.05 pm.. Apa punya turr.. sabo je kitaorang nih.. Everyone looked so damn tired including myself and we had no mood at all to discuss about anything.. Only the headmaster played the one man show.. huhu.. Then after that, the meeting ended and everybody happily went home. I rushed back and drove as if I was in the F1 because I didn't my kids' nursery to charge me for overtime. 1 hour they'll charge you RM3 per head... just imagine lorr... After that, I got a call from Nationwide and they asked me to go to their centre and picked up Reliv.. ehem.. then..balik umah. Lepas tu, bought some cucuq and prepared tea for my hubby before he came home. At 6.00 my hubby sampai and we had tea together. Then, getting ready to go Alor Star to pick up the medals for Sports Day. We arrived there at 7.15, took everything and rushed to my mom-in-law's house for Maghrib prayer. After that, at 9.00 berderum to Kuala Kedah to deliver the Reliv product to one of my customer.. And at 11.00 we safely arrived at our home sweet home. Alhamdullilah....

Early morning... bersemangat anak2 sidek nih

The practical teachers are handling the warm-up session

Time meeting... ostad.. I caught you red handed.. hehehe

Wajah2 kontrol bohsan.. masa meeting.. huhu.. dan lagik amik gambo curikkk.

My desk exactly in front of the admin people.. hehehe.. sabo je lar..

Tahan2.. iklan air mineral satt..

Tulis apa tu Kak Embon?

The admin.. huhu

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