Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TUDM Open Day

Alooo... last Saturday we went to TUDM Open Day in Kepala Batas. We watched the air show and also exhibition about TUDM. It was really great because we could see the jet plane live. My sons were very excited to see the live band show. They really loved the music and they danced too... sabo je aku. We spent about one and a half hour there and because of the unexpected heat from the sun, we quickly got back into our car. Furthermore, baby Salman just recovered from his fever.

So, this is Adam standing together with Naufal refused to look at the camera because they were busy looking at the TUDM band. Both of them didn;t want to wear their own caps, they preffered to use their Papa's caps.

Still Naufal was looking at the TUDM live band. Macam interested je anak aku ni dengan music. Actually Naufal really love singing.. U just name any songs.... he'll happily sing it for you.. penuh perasaan you.. jangan jadi penyanyi udah... jenuh kepong.. heheh

Pictures at the jetplane and the kiosk around the field. The PLKN trainers were all over the place. Susah la nak amik angle yg dasat utk bergambar, tensen aku.

Dah letih, carik tempat air-cond plak. We went to McDonald's City Plaza and look at Salman's face, macam sad aje.. ghupenye his fever came back and this time.. the measles pon ada gak.. ciannyer.. We found that Salman had his measles on the next day. Pity him and pity us because we can hardly sleep.. ohhh.. sleepless nite.. Right now, Salman still having his measles.. cian baby. Poor baby.. dah tak kiut dah.. musyuk2 mama..

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