Sunday, February 10, 2008

Uniquely Singapore -- Part 4 (The Unique Vehicles in Singapore)

These are the vehicles found in Singapore. Hehe.. Enjoy u alls..

The old trishaw in Kampung Glam. It's very unique because long time ago they used humans to carry the trishaw unlike now, the trishaw is used purposely for tourism attraction.

The modern trishaw is just for tourist attraction. Unlike the Melaka's trishaw, the Singapore's trishaw is more simple but still the radio is on.. memekak daaa...

The double decker without the roof is also one of the vehicle used to bring the tourist for sightseeing around Singapore.

The double decker bus, no more red coloured bus but an ordinary double decker with lots of advertisement wrapped around the bus.

Singapore Ducktours bus. To bring the tourist to enjoy the sightseeing in Singapore.. Uniknye Singapura...

I dunno what to call this? A bicycle or a motorbike? This is a cyclemotor hehehe... belongs to one of my nephew.. He likes to modify his bike until I dunno what to call it anymore.... wakakkakaka

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