Sunday, February 10, 2008

More pictures in Singapore ---Part 5

We went around these places just in a day, so not much info I could give and the time was limited, I just wish that I could have more time. Will be back later but dunno when.. hehe..

Merlion Junior and Senior (at the back there...huhu)

Happy - Happy Moments

Thanks to the Chinese man because he's willing to snap this picture for us.

Istana Kampong Glam or Gelam?

The outside of the palace.

Look at this perahu, it's our ancestor's perahu beb... sat g ada plak orang marah aku claim menda ni ancestor aku punye.. hehehehe


chumly said...

You are right sometmes there just isn't enough time. Glad you had some good times, thank you for sharing them.

mama cute said...

yeah, i really had a good time there especially when i was able to be with my wonderful siblings which we had a hard time to do so since all of us live quite far from each other.. so, when there's time to meet, we really plan our programmes so that we could use the time wisely.

God Bless Us!

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