Friday, February 22, 2008

Prosperity Set Promotion

This month, Reliv is having a promotion for these items. If you buy Classic or Reliv Now together with Innergize and Fibrestore, you'll get a porcelain holder and an exclusive Prosperity bag for free. So, hurry up guys, try Reliv and it has 30 days money back guarantee (this is applicable for CUSTOMERS ONLY)... tak rugi kalau cuba :) You won't regret it.

Offer is good while supplies last.


apiz said...

bg free la nk try..kalo best leh bli :p

mama cute said...

oit... mana leh try free chekk oiii.. hehe.. meh la jadi customer kami, leh kami bg u guarantee 30 days money back.. amacam?? berminat ka laling? kalo takde perubahan apa pong.. leh dpt balik duit, cuma we all potong 10% utk kos packaging n handling.

God Bless Us!

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