Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 .: Visit Kedah Year :.

Welcome to Kedah. This year is visit Kedah year. So, you guys should come here and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Kedah. Today I just could take some of the pictures in Alor Star area. I was wishing to go to Muzium Padi, but then the time were running out. My hubby needed to get back home because he got Friday prayer... dunno about this evening's agenda. Whether to go out or just stay at home. Enjoy u allss....

This is Masjid Zahir.

Kedah River just behind the Zahir Mosque.

What is this? This is the Big Clock Tower. This tower is located at Jalan Putera. It was built in 1912 and is now about 90 years old. At certain times, this clock will chime. In terms of its architecture, there are two elements that are being portrayed here, that are the Islamic and Hindu aspects. (Source : MHP : Malaysian Historical Places)

This is the Balai Besar. Unfortunately the place is closed today. So sad laar.. kalo dak, leh aku amik gambo manyak2.

This is the Balai Besar a.k.a Kedah Royal Museum.

Unfortunately, the place is closed for what reason, I also don't know. Maybe they are cleaning it or arranging things inside or maybe they are upgrading it. Hope to come again and have a good time here.. Huhu.

This is a park near the Royal Museum.

Menara Alor Star can be easily seen from here.

Posing seround.. behind me is the big flag. How big? Tak sempat nak ukuq.

This is Pekan Rabu where you can shop till you drop here. You can buy local food and cuisine here, and makan-makan too la. You need to park your car at a proper area if you don't want to get your loveletter from Abang Misai.


sahalfikri said...

wa sangat meriah blog ni skrg.byk gamba.byk cite.yg penting asyik jalan2 je..

mama cute said...

musti la... salah satu terapi minda.. kekekke.. sat g kalo asik shoping plak... end of the month fenin plakkk

sahalfikri said...

bukakla satu fotopages plak.. lagi byk gamba leh letak..

God Bless Us!

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