Thursday, October 4, 2007

Work Load

My place in the staff room. Hehe
Salamz all..
Lama rasanye tak membuat post baru. I was quite bz this week. So many things coming up, dengan kehadiran PPD la, nak check fail yg bertambun la... and lots lots more. Not forgetting the assignment yang tinggal lagi 3 weeks to be completed. Adei.. ada 3 assignments and I just started doing only the introduction. Wakakakaka.. what to do meh... :p . Last week, I had a meeting, we had to prepare a module for the ETeMS course for preschool teachers. Alhamdullilah, we sat there from 8 a.m till 3.15 p.m. Siap jugak akhirnya, walaupun suma pakat fenin lalat. Our coordinator, En Nadzri, followed by Fathiiyah, Sharon, Fadzilah, Adilah, Maheran and I are going to have another meeting this coming Sunday for pemurnian modul plak. This time around, I dunno until when plak nak habis. Huhu... Then after Raya holiday, my friends and I will go to Pulau Langkawi to conduct the ETeMS course. So, Langkawi.... here we are again... Muahhss.. Hehe.. Ntah ada duit lagi ke tak nak shopping nihhh... Huhu. Nanti masa kat Langkawi, I'll post some photos wokeys. To my sisters... jgn nyeles u allsss.... muahahahaha

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