Monday, October 8, 2007

Meeting in PPD

Fathiiyah and Suhartina were cracking their heads to finish their parts.

Raya is coming.... just around the corner. Tapi tak terasa macam nak raya plak. Since the work load is piling up and I don't know when it's gonna dissapear. Hehe. What to do meh.. as P.Ramlee said... selagi mata terbukak, kita kerjaaa..This morning, all the trainers had their last meeting to complete their module and also to prepare all the materials needed for the course that we're going to handle a week after Raya. We started our meeting from 8.00 am till 3.00 p.m, without any breaks and also food! (It's Ramadhan, remember?) However, our coordinator gave us a few kuih raya as a token la. At least ada la gak... I thought he's gonna belanja us Pizza Hut ka, Nasmeer ka.. eh skali kuih raya la plak.. Huhu.. Kebas je la...

From left : En Nadzri, En Akmal and Puan Maheran
Can you see all the paper bags back there? Haa.. those are our kuih raya la as a token for us to prepare the module for the preschool teachers. Let me introduce to you, En Nadzri is our coordinator, En Akmal is our ICT specialist and Puan Maheran, our top MC in Kubang Pasu, Kedah and some say in Thailand.. sawadeekaap..hehehe

From left : Pn Sharon Taty and Puan Adilah a.k.a Princess Adie
And these are the professional cutter in Kubang Pasu. Wakakakakka... By the way, Sharon is my partner. We have to prepare a module on Classroom Language/Instructional Language. Comel kan mek ni. WHOOoooOOooAAaaaaaa... you should ask her how many children does she have? Hehehe.. And for Princess Adie, she looked slim a bit this time around since her maid went back to Indon. Hehehe.. Cian Princess.. no more Princess la dei. Jadi rakyat besa la plak.. huhuhu.

This is our coordinator, En Nadzri and our new coordinator in New Castle, En Akmal.
Tadaaaaa.... ni la our penyelaras yang teruk dibuli oleh we all. Hehe.. Can you see his face? Keletihan tahap maksimum tu.. Sometimes, he's missing in action. We were wondering... mana mamat ni pi.. Minum air per.. maklumla.. non-stop kena buli. Hehe.. Apa pun, no hard feelings la bos.. we still respect you as our bos. Aye..aye...chiipppp!

Camera girl (considered girl lagi..huhu) amik gambo sendiri.. Sabo je la..
Jeng..jeng..jeng..! Sapa lagi kalau bukan I all yang vogue nih. Wakakaka. Walaupun penat tahap Gaban, I still managed to senyum and post vogue. Hehe.. Behind me plak--> Sharon, Princess Adie and also mat enter-frame : Akmal. Huhu. C ya in Langkawi, guysss!!

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