Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Training Session

Salamz alls,
Next week, would be my turn to bring my pupils to perform any kind of performance in front of assembly. I asked them to sing in group (actually the whole class). They will sing 2 songs - Do Re Mi and also Happy Wandering. They were very excited to perform in front of everybody. Actually this is one of the programme yang telah dirangka during the English Panel Meeting. Since English is alien to some of the pupils, so, we will make this kind of activity by sending representative from each class every week to perform in front of the assembly. This is to make them familiar with the language. They can choose either they want to sing, recite poem, rhymes or read short stories. We really hope that we can enhance not only their interest and knowledge but also their love towards the language better. (betul ke sentence structure aku ni?)
Good luck pupils!


Ateh said...

As long you know what are the objectives and learning outcome for pupil memang ler digalakkan. Jgn buat semata2 syok sendiri mcm arwah yg ada...kuikuikui

mama cute said...

objectip memang ada-nak buat budak bercakap sama.. sbb depa ni kadang-kadang malu nak sebut or talk in english, takut salah sebutan and orang gelakkan depa. so, bila ramai2, kalau salah sbut orang x pasan

Ateh said...

yeler ong kg ler katakan...

God Bless Us!

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