Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hola Again

The three of them tengah bersantai.

Salamz all,

It has been quite a long time I didn't post any news here. Bz la katakan. My tutorial classes had begun and it was really tiring especially now, the fasting month. We're very lucky that our tutor was letting us to start the 3rd tutorial earlier. Kalau tak, sampai rumah terus berbuka la gamaknya. Hehe. All my sisters pon bz, menjahit, tempahan kuih (since she's promoting her kuih in the net) Nak criter apa ek kali nih. How's the fasting? Here, in Kedah, the weather was quite ok. For the first week of fasting month, it was raining for the whole week. Sampaikan at certain area, banjir plak because of the non-stop raining. Kesian la, they have to break their fast at the relief centres. I think maybe the flood sudah flushed-away kot by now. Pity them. I have never met with that kind of experience. Cuma berasa tidur ramai-ramai masa pergi camping le. Zaman sekolah dulu. Hehe. Apa lagi nak cakap ek.. Stop dulu la buat masa ni. Ngantuk gler nih. C ya alls..

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