Monday, August 27, 2007

Sem baru.. sem baru

Sem baru sudah mula... I supposed to register on the 18th August. Tapi oleh sebab gaji x masuk lagi, so I decided to register on the 23rd August. Bila p saja, one of the module was out of stock. So, I have to take it on the 1st tutorial. Tak dapek la nak nolong. This sem, subject dasat glozzz. Everything is HARDCORE subject. I hope that I can survive this time around. Last sem, I delivered my third baby two weeks before the final exam. Memang stressed out. I had to wear the thick socks, sweater etc, maklumler.. baru bersalin. The paper is for 3 hours. But I just sat there for one and a half hour. Balik sakit pinggang. Duduk lama punye pasal. Hasilnya... I got A-,A- and B. Tensen out meter. My points were down too. That's the saddest part. Huhu. I have to get more than 2.65 so that I just had to pay the government only 25% from the loan that they had given to me. Hehe... The moral of the story...lain kali if you got the chance to further your study. Go and study. If you further your study after u got married and have kids... u can see what had happen to me! But, alhamdullillah I still can survive. Huhu.

Like I said earlier.. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher and also a part time student. Right now the government wanted all the primary school teacher to have at least a degree. Last time they wanted the diploma. I already had one. Now, when they asked for a degree, I had no choice but to continue study. It is exhausting tapi sometimes rasa mcm best plak kan.

After 7 years leaving the "study world", it's like getting a new kickstart. Learn how to make short notes, menggilakan diri tika menyiapkan assignments...hehe.. It is challenging and tiring sometimes, but I really have a good time. Teringat masa skola dulu..eee... nyesalnye tak study pulun. Kalau tak, mesti dah jadi doktor ke, lawyer ke, macam my nephew.. ehhe.. actually, study is not that difficult. We just need a good time management to be excel in life.

Sometimes, I feel happy to further my study at this age. Because I already got the experience which I can share with my tutors and classmates. And I can relate some topics with my life experience especially when doing the assignment whereby the technique of menggoreng is really useful here. Hehehe...
I also meet new friends, new scenario and new of everything larr... payah mau crita la bab2 subjektif nih. I think I should take other type of class as well, such as kelas menjahit. Why menjahit? Because nowadays, upah jahit baju is really-really expensive. Sometimes, it costs more than the price of the clothes. Huhu.. I have to learn how to sew cloth one day. Ruginye tak belajar masa anak dara. Kalau tak leh jadi macam my sisters in Singapore. They are housewives, but they earn more money than I do. Because they are amature tailors and they also sell frozen food that they made on their own. Dasat la my sisters. I tabik springggg.... toing toing toing....(macam iklan Merdeka Petronass daaaa...)
To all teachers out there, plez go and further studies. By the end of 2010, at least half of the primary school teacher should have a degree. Kalau kita tak sambung, where will we be? Use all the opportunity given by the government to further your study. Don't wait until kucing bertanduk aaa... when that time come, umur meningkat, kita tak layak dah. Even in the JPN and PPD, they want the person to be at least DG41 (if I'm not mistaken) to work there. So, teachers, hurry up. Sign up now! (Macam iklan kat internet daaaa..) Make hays while the sun still shine. If I can do it, I believe, you can do it!
Impossible is nothing! (Macam iklan lagi daaaa.....)

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