Friday, September 9, 2011

It's 10 already!

People say it is not easy to maintain a good marriage. I have to agree with that. Here is my story of the ten years of our marriage.

The first three years:
We were so busy with our work and try to save every penny that we can to buy a house. We rented a small house with only RM200 per month at that time. We bought a second hand car and also a second motorcycle just to make life easier. We also bought only a few furnitures inside our house and some of them were second hand too! The electrical appliances -- we bought it by using installment and our salaries were so small at that time. Not only that, I had to travel 90km to and fro everyday to my workplace! Just imagine that.
Once, we had so little money and we had nothing left and I was craving for something. My hubby brought it back and let me finished all of it and when I asked him whether he had taken his meal, he sadly said no and we cried together. We felt that it was the worst moment of being not so rich.. huhu.

The next three years:
We bought a house! Still the same old car which went cranky sometimes. Feeling like buying a new one, but still our pocket didn't allow to make it happen. Kuikuikui. At this time, our financial became a little bit stable, still we did some saving just in case, right. At this time, we had two kids on board and we paid the nanny more than a person hire a maid. Hehu..

The next two years:
Everything looking good at this time. We had three kids on board. And paid the nanny more and more..excluded the over time. Kuikuikui. And we bought a new car and disposed the old one. Kakakaka.. What's the point of saving the old one when you had to pay more than a new car's instalment just to repair the old ones! There's one time we paid nearly RM700 just to repair something on that old car. So, in the end we needed to bid farewell to her. Very sad at that moment you see. Got so many sentimental things between us and the car. Hehu...Oh.. we also bought a second hand but better superbike. That's my hubby's dream.. So, layankan aje.. (eh..sakap Melayu lak..akakakk)

The recent two years... (aiceh..ada titik macam suspen)
We are getting better financially and happier every now and then. But during the 10th year, we had some crisis. Oh.. my family knew better. This kind of crisis will come once in a while. And this is the time where you need to adjust yourself to the environment and need some supports from family members and good friends. Like I said, it is not easy to maintain a good marriage. When people saw our happiness and stability, of coz some these roaches will come to you and try to distract you or your spouse and they will try to spoil your happy marriage. The eff-ing third person! And it happened to us too. Because of that, our marriage had become somber and sad too. I tried to look what went wrong and seek some helps from family and friends. We confronted each other and tried to adjust back our loving days. We tried to get back the rhythm of our love life too. And of coz when this kind of thing happened, woman used to blame themselves.. No way hoze! Don't do that, and don't let these roaches win over you. You need to fight back for yourself. And that is what I did. I nearly lose hope and decided to back off and my family told me it was a stupid thing to do, and what I did -- I sprayed them using the most powerful pesticide that I could ever get. Kakakaka. Mampuih hang! (Oh.. ter-emo pulak..akakka). My hubby? Oh, I hope he learnt his lesson well too. Couldn't blame him too.. because this year he's turning 40. That explains everything eh? Grrrr....grrrrrr...grrrrrr...

And I hope with that kind of crisis will make our marriage become stronger and stronger.. (boleh ke?) To make it happen, of coz the two of us need to be strong, faithful and loyal to each other right. What's the point to maintain a marriage if only one party is interested of doing so! Jadi, communication between the two is always crucial! How to maintain if either one of us refuse to communicate kan! So, the most important thing is communicate, pray to Allah that the marriage will be always under lindungan-Nya, and of coz keep your armour up in case the pests are planning of coming back and make sure that your pesticides are always in your cabinet.. akkakakka. Kita kasi rejam sampai mampuihhhh!!! Rasakan Goh-rilla punye penangan..akkakak

And to my hubby, thank you for your love and support all these while. I really love you from the first time we met and my love for you has become stronger and stronger each day since the first day you shook the hand of the Tok Kadi for the akad! I am sorry if I am not perfect for you and I am still learning to be the best wife that you have ever dream of. I am sorry for being fussy sometimes and I am sorry too for being so mad at you during our critical time. Sorry for being so damn garang and so damn annoying sometimes. I am sorry for being so obsessed to you because I have no one else inside my heart and only you have capture the little heart of mine and I am always blinded with your love. Thank you for choosing me to be wedded wife! I love you, sayang!

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to both of us!



and the fourth is on the way, insyaAllah.

God Bless Us.. Ameen!


teratai said...

sekejap je masa blalu,semoga bkekalan shingga akhir hayat:)

iyan shazlind said...

Happy 10th Anniversary..semoga berbahagia hingga ke syurga :)

iyan shazlind said...

Happy 10th Anniversary..semoga berbahagia hingga ke syurga :)

Asyikin said...

wow! happy anniversary! :)

Ah Win said... touching!!!
mine is crawling into 6years of marriage..
cant beat your record for 10 (yet)

But we should pray for our marriage stability so the-god-damn-roaches will be keeping their distance from our lives,kan?

anyway, regarding the book that i bought for'll have to wait for this month gaji ~~due to my post-raya financial crisis (already embarrassed to korek from the children's angpow lah)

T__T wait ah...

Ticer Syah said...

tu la pejam celik pejam celik dah seplo taun..kikiki
toce for coming here.. hehe

iyan shazlind:
toce2..macih for coming dear..

toce2.. kekeke.. toce for coming too :)

ah win:
same here la.. always face the same financial crisis every single year..kakkakaa... wat to do.. kampung so jauh meh.. akkakak

Ah Win said...

thn ni beraya kat bandar..byk sgt pelaburan dibuat kat sana..
midvalley lah, sunway pyramid lah, ioi mall lah..duit tu tubik mcm air


Ticer Syah said...

gue tiap2 tsun braya dekat melaka.. bandaraya la juga.. shopping mall tak larat nak kira.. adoiiii.. memang lebur lah.. kalau tiap2 bulan spesis ini punye pelaburan.. mmg tiada harapan nak pegi aji nampaknye.. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. btw.. inbox aku rege buku dan juga akaun beng lo.. ko nk baca dulu pon bisa aja dehh.. kehkehkeh

God Bless Us!

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