Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rest In Peace Rabbits!

We lost three out of four rabbits in Melaka. Shaggy and Mascara died due to diarrhea and Lebam was missing during the second day of our arrival in Melaka. We brought Lara, Mascara and Shaggy to the vet and only Lara survives. Go Lara Go!
We were very sad to lost our beloved pets. Huwaaaaa..

Hubby gali the lubang kubur for Shaggy.. Mascara died the next day.

The kids with Shaggy.. sedih giler time nih..

Cian pepy!!

Dalam lubang kubur, sebelum ditimbus.. huhu

Siap ada penanda lagi.. Farewell Shaggy.... you were the greatest pet ever!

Rest in Peace Darling!

1 comment:

MaszLaVista said...

semoga roh shaggy tenang disana..amin..

God Bless Us!

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