Friday, July 9, 2010

Project from the Activity Book!

I do agree about the activities inside the Activity Book for Year 3 are quite tough sometimes. However, you can always pick and choose the activities that are suitable for them. For slow learner, you need not to do all the activities provided in the Activity Book.

Last Thursday, I brought 3 Melati to the library. We played book hunting! Just like the Activity Book suggested, the students need to find 5 storybooks and fill in the table.

Book hunting! Mari kita cari buku.. Time ni memang kecoh.

"Teacher.. story ni boleh dak?"
"Look at the tulisan.. so small.. are you going to read this? This story is a bit susah tau!"
"Hehe.. "
"Please choose the book that you WANT and WILL READ!! Jangan main amek aje!!!"
Mula la speaker kuat... kuikuikui..

Maap senget... malas nak bagi tegak..kakaka.. So, they need to fill in the table by putting in the title of the book, the author, number of pages and state whether the story is about animal or people. Then, they need to choose a character that they like most and give reasons why they love the character. Hoh.. tang wat reason ni a bit tough for the slow learner.. Takpe.. you just give them the template.. and let them decide.

Mula ngisi table. Isi jangan tak isi.. after this they need to read all the books and choose 1 character that they love most!

Masa untuk baca.. ni baca ke tengok gambo nih.. Hoh! Ok.. mulut kumat kamit.. I believe dia baca.. kakaka

Itu je gambo sempat daku snap..kakaka
Sekian, macih!

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