Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reading Programme

Reading is one of the way to improve the target language. However, without the reading materials, the objective that we want to achieve might be impossible. I was planning to ask the students to do their own reading portfolios. I want them to have their own books. So, before I ask them to do their portfolios, I need them to make their own story books.

I got these storybooks from my sisters in Singapore. I found that the books are quite easy for the students to understand, especially for the weaker ones. So, I asked my school PAR to xerox the storybooks for me. The create-own-storybook program will be held for a month, insyaAllah. Each week, I will ask them to make the storybook, then they have to read and understand the story inside the storybook. After they have 4 storybooks altogether, then I will start to do the portfolios. One step at a time. Hehhe..

I will post about the reading portfolio later on okay! Hmm.. some of might ask, why must I use this book, not the books available in the library. My answers are simple!

1. I want them to do the hands-on activity. By doing their own storybooks, I believe they will treasure their storybooks more, rather than just borrow from the library and lost it!

2. When the students create their own storybooks, they will gain new experience and in the end they will enjoy themselves to learn the language. Today, I do this activity with the slow learner class, they love to create their own storybooks and I could see that they really love the activity and tried to do their best -- including the weakest students in my class!

3. This is one of the way to ensure that the students know how to value their reading materials. It is not easy to make a storybook! Hahaha..

4. This storybook is black and white.. so easy to xerox lor..if you use coloured storybooks -- jadi hitam la dei..kakaka

5. Teacher will act as facilitator and students are doing their work on their own.... Their multiple intelligences are tested well here..kakaka

For excellent students, you can always give them pictures and ask them to create their own sentences. Wah.. should try this later on..akkaka

Shut up Syah..time to put pictures now.. asek potpet-potpet aje..kakaka

First, you have to make sure that you have enough of this. Kalau takde.. please ask you Ketua Panitia to buy these and put them in your English Language room! If you don't have your own EL Room, I would suggest, ask the school library to prepare all these!

The story of Let's Eat Strawberries! Give them instructions of what they should do CLEARLY! So that they won't come to you and ask the same questions again and again.. sampai rasa nak lempang pon ada..akakkaka

Let them cut the stories one by one.. patiently! Hoh!

After they have cut everything, now it is your turn as the facilitator to help them to staple the storybook. Kalau tak, jenuh la berterabur, check the pages okay.. sat gi lintang pukang-- sapa nak jawab tuh..

There you are.. Your own Let's Eat Strawberries storybook!

Next week will be --hmm.. tak tau lagi..akakkak

Ok, amacam? Boleh follow kah?

I would like to say thanks to my sisters Alang and Uda and also their kids for giving me the books.. senang den nak xerox.. Kalau ada lagi..sila la bagi..kakaka.. sharing is caring..

Till then, tata titi titon...

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