Friday, June 18, 2010

Line hampeh!

Hari ni kitaorang upgrade our internet speed. From 1mbps to 4mbps. The technician came early in the morning and he checked that our house can use the 4mbps speed. Ok, great. So, he activated the thing.

The next thing I know -- the speed is a bit lembab and sadly I could not do anything... actually dunno what to do..kakaka..

So, I happily picked up the phone and dialled 100. Have to push this and that button, then I could hear the operator saying that the internet connection has some problems throughout the country. Oh, this is just great. I hope that this thing will be OK A.S.A.P. My cafe is in trouble! Damn!

It would be unfair for me to pay the internet speed for 4mbps and you get the fucking 1mbps SPEED!

Come on TM!!! Do something.. clock is ticking.. tick..tock..tick..tock.. you are charging me for this slow-mo speed! Gosh!

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