Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Epok-epok hot at Lereh!

The best epok-epok in Melaka!

My mom brought us here -- having the hot Epok-Epok (curry puff) in Lereh. Mak said that the epok-epok is the best in Melaka. So, if you wish to come here, you can always go to Lereh. The stall can be easily spotted -- right in front of a primary school -- which I believe the name of the school is SK Lereh (if I am not mistaken)

There are three kinds of epok-epok : Sardines, Potatoes and Vegetables. Apart from epok-epok, you can also try the curry mee and rojak (superb!). Time to enjoy the pictures..hehe

They cook the kuih-muih on the spot.. huhu.. sedap giler.. hard to resist.. kuikuikui..

Segala kuih dibuat di sini. So, sangat-sangat fresh!

Their service is not so good.. huhu.. The place is quite stuffy and hot, there is only ONE fan! Should have more fans okeh.. leh pisan dok dalam kedai ni lama-lama..kakaka.. tapi epok-epoknye pasal, we still have to wait.. they really need to upgrade their kedai!

Overall I would rate this kedai as below:

Food: 8/10
Drink: 8/10
Place: 4/10 -- should have parking space lor
Service: 4/10 -- a bit slow, I feel a bit bored waiting for the food
Facilities: 3/10 -- only 1 fan! can pisan like this..kuikuikui

Semoga dapat diupgrade lagi kedai ni supaya bertambah maju dan sukses di masa hadapan!

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